Sunday, May 2, 2010

Burping on demand

After such along delay in writing, I need to coming back with something gripping. Well it isn't going to happen.

But as a consolation blog I'd like to let you know that I taught my mother, who just turned 65 last week how to burp on demand. Yes that's right, how to burp on demand, and I can tell you she was quite happy with herself.

Its interesting how times change. If I had done that as a kid, Dad would have called me 'uncouth', i.e. lacking in polish and grace. That was Dad's word, uncouth. He never called anyone couth though. hmmmm. Is couth a word? I just looked it up and apparently it is, it means refined.

Mum's couthness has taken a dip, but I have to admit I'm pretty impressed.