Friday, October 30, 2009

Who stole the leg of time?

I think that for all of us there are names that if we hear we cannot help but think of something else. So I've decided to give you my top 5, based on the strength of the mental connection. I apologize in advance for offending people who may have one of these names (really your mother should be apologizing).
Let's start off with number five.

5. Cecilia/Celia.
Yes this one was predictable. "You're breaking my heart." I don't think this needs any more explanation.

4. Nigel.
"We're only making plans for Nigel". Nigel was pretty popular for kids of my age - I had two school Nigel friends.

3. (insert chosen prefix)-ene, e.g. Joelene, Raelene, Lurlene, Francine, Charlene. I can't help but sing the Dolly Parton song. We had a friend in the Falkland Islands, and I would always think "Charlene, Charlene, Charlene, Charleeeeeeeeeen." Enjoy the lovely clip.

2. Dennis.
"I didn't know you were called Dennis"
"Well you didn't bother to find out did you?"

Good old Monty Python. I haven't seen or heard a lot of Monty Python for about 20 years but the words are still stuck in my head. This scene has everything.

And now for number 1 (drum roll please).

1. Terry.
"It was TERRY. TERRY. TERRY stole the leg of time".

If you have never experienced the wonders of Bill Bailey then sit back and enjoy.

So there it is. So when you are asked "Was it the man with the key to the door of reality, underneath the mat of insignificance?" You can say "Nope. it was Terry".

What names do it for you?


  1. Love your work! PLUS I now know who stole the leg of time! Cool!


  2. Awesome Dave! Nice to hear from the menfolk. I always made a point not to name any of our children after songs because I thought that would be sooo annoying to always have the same song sung to you. But despite my best intentions I'm always singing "Cecilia" to Lucia, guess it's too close!

  3. Good to have you on board Dave. Hadn't heard the Terry song, but that name always has other connections for me anyway.

  4. Layla - You got me on my knees layla...
    Shame but as a school teacher nearly every name gets trashed by a child's wild personality!
    ...Great to see you blogging Dave...put some more pics up of that fairy costume!! haha

  5. Help me Rhonda, Help Help me Ronda!

    Allison - my aim is true.

    My name is Sue. How do you do?

    The host's suit on the Dolly clip was something to behold.

    I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of Bill Bailey on this blog.



  6. Thanks for all the comments. I guess that most of the names are from songs, which makes sense. Matt - when I hear Allison I think 'And when the planet hit the sun I saw the face of Allison' (Pixies).
    I also didn't mention the numerous Chelsea songs - 'Woke up and it was a Chelsea morning', 'I remember you well at the Chelsea hotel...', 'I don't want to go to Chelsea', and 'Chelsea girl' by Ride, but can't remember how it goes....